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  • B.A.SC in Human Behaviour

Corinne Vernon

B.A.SC in Human Behaviour

Corinne began her interest in rehabilitation through the study of human behaviour. Corinne graduated from McMaster university where she received her honours bachelor of applied science in human behaviour. Focusing on Intervention practices for individuals with mental illness and brain disorders. Here she developed tools to use to support those with brain disorders and their families.

Through her studies Corinne conducted her thesis project on the long term effects of traumatic brain injury in athletes of high-contact sports. After graduation Corinne went on to complete the brain disorder management program at Mohawk College where she gained an enhanced understanding of various brain disorders, symptoms, treatment, and rehabilitation techniques.

In her spare time, Corinne has volunteered with Speech language pathology clinics in Hamilton working with children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities.