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Peripheral Somatosensory

Repetitive Peripheral Somatosensory Stimulation (RPSS) Therapy targets the area of the brain responsible for motor performance and learning.


RPSS: Stimulation Therapy for Neurological Disorders

Used as a method of treatment for a wide array of neurological disorders, RPSS has proven to be an effective tool for rehabilitation in patients with conditions such as Stroke, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Concussions and more.

Paired with a number of other rehabilitation techniques, RPSS Therapy is a technique that can be applied in many variations, such as:

How We Pair RPSS
Therapy With Other
Rehab Techniques

For patients with Hypoxia, Cerebral Palsy or Stroke, RPSS
Therapy can be used alongside Proprioceptive
Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to increase range of
motion and decrease spasticity.

Movement Disorders such as Parkinson’s, Ataxia
or MSA, as well as FND, Essential Tremor and Tardive
Dyskinesia (TD), we can pair RPSS Technique with PONS or
tDCS to decrease tremor

Pairing RPSS Technique with primitive inhibitory reflexes
for Cerebral Palsy patients, we can improve their crawling,
posture, range of motion, etc.

RPSS Therapy

The RPSS Technique is utilized with an aim to provide controlled enhancement of sensory
input via the nerves. This treatment can be used on patients with the following disorders: